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KDPH series were taken between 2005 and 2018.
This collection consists of 55 pieces that were among the shortlisted top 10 Travel Photography Category of Sony World Photography Organization.
Kurdistan is a mountainous region in the West of Iran that has had problems with the central government for a long time. This has led to an increase of militarily secured fortresses around the area, which influenced everyday life in Kurdistan.


Kurdistan's population lives in three countries, and the three countries' borders have separated them into small communities with the fewest amenities.

The joy of documentary photography for me was being in intimate contact with people. I questioned them about their lives and their experiences, and my relationship with them helped me get a greater perspective of life.


Before photographing and speaking with the subject, the most crucial thing in documentary photography is to get closer to them. Before I take images, I frequently talk to kids and obtain a better understanding of their environment.

If you have enough time to go close to your subject in documentary photography, you can acquire a good portrait. It is difficult for any human being to present the usual form of his face in the face of a stranger at first,


but after repeated consecutive meetings over a few days or weeks, the subject loses his strangeness and presents the same face that he always has.

The most crucial factor for the success of a good documentary is respect for all of the concepts of the community you are going to film and show to others through your images. We simply observe and pass no judgment on that civilization.


Another important issue is showing all the important things in a documentary photo collection, and one of them is the relationship between people and each other, and showing the interiors of that society and, most importantly, the houses. In my opinion, the house and the design inside each house clearly show the individual humility of the residents of that house.


The importance of a DPH is to reveal the facts of the subject in an exact and unfiltered manner. For many years, the people of Kurdistan have lived with guns and war. When I asked them about their life's purpose, they promptly drew their weapons and discussed the conflict.

They had family members who had been slain in the battles, and they held the dead in high regard. The most essential aspect of this collection is the proximity to the people themselves, which stems from my desire as a photographer to speak with them over the course of ten years


When you encounter people who are going through difficult times, you can't overlook their efforts to overcome the obstacles, and every one of them seemed to me to be a hero who had to struggle to survive government rules while also adapting to nature.

This collection took 10 years to create, and my goal was to capture the spirit of life among the people of this area. They were people with a long cultural history, who were friendly and very kind, and they will always have a place in my heart.



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